A guarantee of quality !

Committed to having our skills recognized independently, we have obtained various qualifications relevant to our activities.

HEADLIGHT Consulting is a member of Géfil (National Union of Entertainment - Culture – Tourism Engineering).
In this respect, we have followed Géfil’s firm policy, obtaining qualifications to validate the skills and competencies of HEADLIGHT.
We also obtained a certificate of qualification from the OPQIBI in the following areas :

05: Leisure - Culture - Tourism (LCT)

Our qualifications :

  • 0501 : LCT Strategic study
  • 0502 : LCT Operational and feasibility research
  • 0503 : LCT Operational and management support
  • 0504 : LCT Quality procedure support
  • 0506 : LCT surveys and statistical analysis

and a certificate of ability in the following sector :

  • 0102 : Project ownership (AMO) in Finance and Economics

HEADLIGHT Consulting is also preparing  ISO standard 9001, ISO standard 14001