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    2nd half 2010


Background and objectives of the client

Villevêque, a town neighbouring the Maine Basin, and bordering the Loire. Located in the sphere of influence of Angers, it benefits from the tourist attractions of the region. Villevêque is also remarkable for its rich heritage: natural, gastronomic, cultural (NOV'Art) and historical. As part of the development of the area, the town authorities decided to make tourism a priority. However, there is an apparent lack of transparency; a lack of clear market positioning... There are no ground rules for medium term planning. In addition, the local authorities would like to reflect on the future of the water mill and possible development opportunities associated with it.

Our Assignment

The study conducted by HEADLIGHT sought to make a diagnosis of tourism in the area, through an analysis of the overall context, the study of tourism, the study of tourists and their behaviour, and an analysis of relationships in terms of tourism organizations and networks. Most of our efforts involved significant field work, including meeting elected officials, technicians, managers of tourist facilities, as well as surveys of tourists.
Forward planning, associated with running themed workshops on art, special events and touring, enabled us to prepare a 5-year, medium term, tourism and operational development plan for the whole town. Following numerous contacts with funding organizations, partners, and support structures with the intention of setting up sponsorships, we continued our involvement with the drafting of a set of prioritized and cost-calculated action sheets, allowing fast and effective implementation of strategic areas of development identified in the plan. The notion of sustainable development was applied in the background of the initiative. In addition, all our considerations were structured around product / target location / clientele and distribution channels angles. In the same way, the notion of global management was ever present in our discussions.

2nd semestre 2010