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  • Start of assignments :
    2nd half 2009

Chambre Royans-Vercors

Background and objectives of the client

The grouping of local authorities of Trois Cantons : Carignan, Mouzon and Raucourt is working to develop a policy to increase tourism flows in its area. The success of this project depends on organizing a structured tourism offer including accommodation. At present, it seems that the hotel offer is too small and does not always meet the quality expectations of customers. Given this situation, the grouping of local authorities wanted to support the quantitative and qualitative development of its hotel industry via the creation of a tourist accommodation master plan.

Our Assignment

After conducting a strategic expertise of each of the hotels and contacted a wide range of professionals and stakeholders in tourism in the area and also in neighbouring areas (including Belgium), we were able to identify strengths and weaknesses in accommodation supply and demand. From this comprehensive overview and based on numerous surveys and interviews, we were able to make targeted recommendations concerning: quantitative and qualitative changes in supply, the development strategy of identified accommodation micro markets, the direction to choose in terms of tourism development strategy ... Our potentiality approach enabled us to make a 10-year forecast by analyzing the potential of each micro-market and drawing up a real roadmap for future project leaders in accommodation. After validation of all projects by the Steering Committee, we helped the grouping of local authorities in the implementation of each of the recommended projects (creation of a resort, creation of an open air structure, repositioning of an existing site, creating a hotel / restaurant ...): precise definition of each concept, programming, evaluation of investment costs, assessment of the financial feasibility of each project, recommendations for legal frameworks, assistance in recruiting managers and investors ...