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Inventory of the Accommodation offer in the Annecy basin

  • Assignment :
    Summer-Falle 2010

Bassin Annecien

Background and objectives of the client

In recent years, the accommodation sector has faced many changes, and has had to adapt: new regulations such as upgrades in safety standards, accessibility, or the application of new tourist accommodation grading standards. Meanwhile, the Annecy basin has seen strong development of tourist residences, resulting from tax exemption laws. In addition, pressure on real estate in the area has emphasized the phenomenon of hotel closures in favour of housing developments. Add to all this, Annecy’s bid to host the Winter Olympics of 2018, the area’s bid to become a part of UNESCO World Heritage, or the proposed exhibition and major business conference centre... which strengthens the will of elected officials, to ensure the safeguard of a professional accommodation offer.  

Our Assignment

Faced with these findings, Annecy Basin EPCI (grouping of local authorities) wanted to act quickly and launch specific actions concerning the implementation of a potentiality study of the supply of collective tourist accommodation in the Annecy Basin. The objective of this study is to: Develop a prospective diagnosis of the professional accommodation offer; Mobilize and make professionals more aware of the need for a better match between accommodation supply and demand; suggest courses of action available to public and private stakeholders to support  the necessary changes. All of our deliberation and all the information provided to EPCI (grouping of local authorities) will allow elected officials to make informed decisions regarding the various cases handled, by relying on facts and data transmitted by the various professionals and accompanied by a comprehensive analysis and forecast for the Annecy basin (further filtered by type of accommodation, hotel rating categories or by region).