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  • Start of assignment :
    End 2007 – 1st half 2008

CCI Littoral Normand  Picard

Background and objectives of the client

In the past ten years the north Picard coast has experienced strong growth in tourism.
This development is particularly due to the opening up of the area with the development of an efficient road infrastructure, but also the development of the attractiveness of the coast (which owes much to its protected natural areas). In this context, the market for tourist accommodation has grown strongly with the launch of new tourist accommodation (hotels, residential hotels, camp sites, holiday cottages, bed & breakfast), responding to the overall increase in demand.
The Normand Picard CCI wanted to review the market for tourist accommodation in the area, including validating that its offer meets the needs and expectations of various tourism customers and other clients on the Normand-Picard coast.

Our assignment

The study conducted by the firm HEADLIGHT focused on making a diagnosis of the market for tourist accommodation on the Normand Picard coast, studying both Supply and Demand as well as the trends which could affect the growth of this market, including changes in demand. The potentiality diagnosis gave rise to a 5-year tourist accommodation development plan in the area, with a specific approach by zone within the sector.