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  • Start of assignments :
    Since 2007
  • Client :
    - Regional development association Baxe Nafarroa
    - Grouping of local authorities Soule Xiberoa

Carte france Basse navarre

Background and objectives of the client

Given the results of the analysis performed by HEADLIGHT throughout Lower Navarre and Soule which highlighted the difficulties of small family run hotels located in the low mountain areas, it seemed wise to offer hoteliers a personalized, tailor-made  support plan (pilot scheme in the Aquitaine region)

Our Assignment

The operational dimension of HEADLIGHT enables a very personalized approach when in contact with the hoteliers who volunteered to participate in the "individual diagnosis" process. The support is offered in close collaboration with the hoteliers and follows a first meeting which took place during the initial diagnosis of accommodation in the Basse Navarre and Soule area.
Different modules were created, and from a basic module comprising several themes, it was possible to create a complete inventory of the company: marketing, identity and market positioning, financial analysis, investment policy etc... More detailed work then becomes possible, working with the hotelier on specific themes such as: an investment project, company sale or transfer, the implementation of budgetary control, the implementation of a successful marketing strategy.
HEADLIGHT assists the hotelier by accompanying him or her through the different steps necessary for the success of the project and / or helping to resolve recurrent difficulties in the business and providing him or her with the necessary tools for a successful assignment.