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CATERING QUALITY MANAGEMENT Department of Aisne – Picardy

  • Start of assignments :
    Since 2003
  • Client :
    BCC of the Aisne (Saint Quentin)

Carte France Aisne Nord Saint Quentin

Background and objectives of the client

The department of the Aisne has a rich and varied restaurant industry offering good quality but things are often poorly structured.
The restaurant industry has few resources available in the department and most establishments are small, family run business units. This implies that restaurant owners are generally too closely involved to be able to assess the quality of their restaurant. Moreover, they have no scale of values in relation to the ongoing, day to day management of their business and in particular concerning the possibility of being classified as "tourism" or not.

Our assignment

The approach proposed by the cabinet HEADLIGHT during the first stage, is both a process of positioning units audited in relation to a "tourism"  rating system but also introducing a label such as "restaurateurs de France" (France Restaurants) for interested restaurant owners. This audit resulted in a specifically created repository "Restaurants in the Aisne" which, following the audit, allows each professional to build up business strategy based on HEADLIGHT’s   recommendations in:  marketing, investment, management, training etc...  Since 2003, 45 operational expertises have been carried out.