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  • Start of assignments :
    Since 2008
  • Client :
    General Council and CDT (Departmental tourist office)
    of the Somme, CCI

Carte france Somme

Background and objectives of the client

The Department of the Somme has a rich and varied restaurant industry, and wished in collaboration with the Picardy region to establish "a plan for improving performance in the restaurant industry"
Most establishments are small, family run businesses. This implies that restaurant owners are generally too closely involved to be able to assess the quality of their restaurant accurately. Moreover, they have no scale of values in relation to the ongoing, day to day running of their business unit.

Our assignment

The approach proposed by HEADLIGHT is to carry out an inventory with the restaurant owner of the various tools they use and create a genuine expertise of the company, so as to assess their methods and tools for:
- Monitoring hygiene and production in collaboration with a veterinary laboratory
- Sales and marketing tools, market positioning of  the company
- Working methods and legal obligations,
- Monitoring and control of management (management control data, budget control, purchasing policy ...)
- The team: organization, salaries, training
- Inventory and assessment of investment needs for the business and its premises
- Financial know-how particularly in the setting up of new projects and business plans.