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SUPPORT for hotel establishments in “watchmaker” country (pays horloger)

  • Start of assignments :
    In 2009
  • Maître d’ouvrage :
    Syndicat Mixte du Pays Horloger

Carte France pays horloger

Background and objectives of the client

Recently, several mayors in Watchmaker country alerted the Regional development association to the difficulties faced by a number of hoteliers in their respective towns. Following this observation, a think tank was launched to support the hoteliers of the area and to safeguard quality in hotels in the Watchmaker Country. Based on these findings, the Regional development association of Watchmaker Country therefore wishes to implement a support plan adapted to each hotel.

Our Assignment

The objective of this expertise assignment is to make an individual inventory of each establishment (structure, turnover, clientele, organization ...) and then to guide the hotelier in maintaining or even developing activity (investment / action plans for upgrading, marketing, promotion, personnel management ...)
Initially, this assignment will involve assisting just seven hotel properties in the region defined as already being in a "critical" situation.
HEADLIGHT’s experience in carrying out expertise in the tourist accommodation sector and its knowledge of the regions means that HEADLIGHT can meet customer expectations for each project without difficulty. The issues studied are diverse and cater mainly to hotels in a low mountain area, where HEADLIGHT operates on different themes: market repositioning, work on possible solutions during judicial procedures or receivership with implementation of strategic action plans, management optimization, company sale or transfer, search for capital and partnership solutions between private companies and local authorities.