Our areas of expertise

A range of skills at your service


Sales and welcoming skills for the reception team
Sales and welcoming skills for the restaurant team
Compulsory risk assessment (in France “le Document Unique”)


Reading an income statement, learning to check one’s own financial management
Developing management control data
Cost management in the restaurant and catering industry


Introduction to Internet and how to use it
Optimizing visibility on the Internet


Developing a sales action plans, defining business strategy
Communication, a key component of marketing
Sales techniques and communication
Marketing and sales, which techniques should be used in the hotel and restaurant business
Optimize your sales force
Yield management methods and applying them to your business


How to integrate a quality system in my company
Handling customer complaints
Applying quality management in hotel rooms and room service


Raising Awareness in Food Hygiene
Raising Awareness in personal hygiene
Hygiene of surfaces and equipment
Principles and steps of HACCP
Methodology for identifying CCP (critical limits)


Trainer training
Team Management
Improving organization of the company’s activities
Communication techniques and internal communication
Self-knowledge and knowing others for better communication
Coaching and team support
Conflict management


Yield management methods and applying them to your business
Introduction to ISO standards 9001 – 2008