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Carte France haute normandie

Background and objectives of the client

The concept of quality is the most appropriate response to the demands of our society in terms of security and economic growth. It should be, by no means a constraint, but the foundation for the development of business activity. Since 2001, the State, the Regional Councils of Upper and Lower Normandy, Consular Organisations and all local authorities in charge of tourism allocate the human, financial and technical resources to materialize the concept of quality for all stakeholders in the tourism industry via the "Normandie Qualité Tourisme" (Normandy Quality Tourism) label.

Our assignment

HEADLIGHT’s assignment was to conduct a quality audit of establishments applying for the “France Qualité Tourisme" label and enable them to access it.
This quality audit is followed by an immediate feedback session that allows discussion with the hotelier concerning the business’s strengths to be maintained and areas for improvement, enabling the parties to reflect on possible developments.
HEADLIGHT operates in several fields such as Hospitality, Catering, Sites and Places of interest, Leisure Activities.