Master quality control for customers with value-added audits, conducted by industry professionals


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Carte France La Meuse

Background and objectives of the client

In 2008, setting up of a combined approach in the Lorraine region (standardization of services) to make the "Quality" system more comprehensible, together with tourism professionals, promotion agencies and clients of these establishments.
Aim of the Quality Approach: Raise quality awareness in all establishments, help them progress, encourage independent hotels & restaurants to join the national brand “Qualité Tourisme”, assess customer satisfaction

Our Assignment

HEADLIGHT’s assignment is to carry out quality audits in establishments wishing to apply for the quality label therefore giving them access to the brand “France Qualité Tourisme”. The audits also provide the opportunity to suggest a range of training courses such as: “Selling your restaurant”, “How to greet guests”, and “mastering management”.
In addition, Headlight assists owners in drawing up a company strategy based on the findings of the inventory carried out beforehand.