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International Federation of Logis (Paris)

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Background and objectives of the client

The IDF is a voluntary chain which includes independent hotels & restaurants in France and Europe. It handles the issue, control and withdrawal of its brands and labels and oversees the respect of its quality charters, established by its decision-making body. It ensures the quality control of hotel-restaurant owners already belonging to the chain or those wishing to join.

Our Assignment

HEADLIGHT’s assignment is to carry out quality audits of affiliated establishments and / or establishments wishing to join the chain, not only in France but also in Belgium and Italy (2008).
The hotelier can also obtain the “Qualité Tourisme” certification via a Logis equivalence. These visits allow the hotel to access (or confirm) a category expressed as "Cheminées" (chimneys) for accommodation and "Casseroles" (saucepans) for restaurants.